Book presentation

The climate crisis represents probably the most urgent challenge for the whole of humanity. The phenomena generated by the accumulation of CO2 in the environment are already altering the lives of vulnerable populations in the world, and threaten to completely alter the lives of millions of people who can be victims of floods, hunger, and droughts, among other effects.

Faced with this urgent scenario and with the need for all actors in society to work in search of effective solutions and systemic changes to mitigate the effects of climate change, we can ask ourselves what is the role of education, particularly that of universities, before this problem.

This is the question that the Harvard Graduate School of Education professor, Fernando Reimers, develops in the book “Education and Climate Change”, available for free in its English version, and downloadable in Spanish from Amazon.

The book develops a multidimensional model of educational change, reviewing the field of climate change education and identifying some of the areas where previous efforts have not supported effective pedagogical change at scale. It then formulates an approach to engage university students and teachers in partnering with schools and adult education institutions and directly contributing to innovative climate change curricula. The approach is illustrated by several case studies presenting curricula developed to support school-based innovation in the Middle East and Guatemala, and adult education in Haiti and Pakistan, and the preparation of educators at the university level.

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